spoon me

Architectural spoon 2014

I’m participating in the Canadian show : Spoons Are the New Cup – Spoon ME. Can a spoon be an inspiration for a sculpture?I have been working with architectural spoons. I have been carving my way into the clay as old wooden spoon makers. The result are some rosa architectural spoons.Two of the have been selected for the Medalta show in Medicine Hat. I’m so exited  .You can see the show online from Monday 1st of September.  follow the event on facebook on:Spoon Me @Medalta




spoon me

Architectural Spoon 2014



In my old hometown  Aarhus the ceramic artist Ninna Gøtzsche/Formuleret has invited me to a cup show, in her nice and cosy little shop. It is in connection to the Cultural Festival Week of Aarhus.The festival has a theme; Same But Different. The opening is tonight ! looking forward to an exhibition full of cups. 10 local artist are participating, it is going to be great. Pictures from the exhibition coming up.