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Bollard – size 37 27 cm

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Bollard a symbol of anchoring.  For years I have been fascinated by the bollards on the harbour. Its steady and sturdy. Its possible to order a bollard on request for specific size and color. I can make up to 70cm high. Please concat me if interested. 


Ikke på lager

The small challenging object observed on the waterfront. Occasionally used to secure the barges – at other times used to set them (life) free. Its an ongoing inspiration for me to work with the bollard.
My friend Mette Jerl Jensen wrote this poem to me about the Bollard!
A poetic anchoring between the fluid and the solid
And there they stand alongside the wharf, side by side, rhythmic and regular as small soldiers of the harbour.
Sturdy and steadfast little creatures with an ability to stand up to all physical logic, and a will to bridle the widely travelled and wild, untamed forces. Faithful they stand in both stillness and storm, listening to stories from far and near. Like a poetic anchoring between fluid and solid.


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